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DASH 8 Mixer puzzle

For DASH 8 in 2016, we (Tom and Cathy) wrote the "mixer" puzzle that kicked off the event. In the story this year, teams were part of a spy organization that had been hacked, and our puzzle helped them discover the hacker's identity.

We continued the tradition from prior DASH events of having the first puzzle be a collaborative effort among several teams. Each team got the same introductory page, but then had one of three different second pages. Teams needed to join up with others to form a complete set in order to have all the information needed to solve the puzzle.

Since this puzzle required teams to interact, we did not have different versions for Expert and Novice.


Note that you will need to know some information about popular spy fiction to solve this puzzle (the hints will help). Keep in mind that this puzzle is intended to be solved by about a dozen people, so it assumes a wider range of trivia knowledge than one or two people may have.

At the event, each team got the Introductory page and just one of the Group pages, but you'll need all four pages shown below to solve the puzzle.


If you get stuck on this puzzle, you can visit the Hints Page for help. It is safe from spoilers; each hint will be shown only when you click to reveal it.


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