Idle Loop Software Design is a Seattle-based software consulting firm. We are a small company of highly experienced software developers offering services from writing custom programs to creating web sites.

Web Programming HTML
SQL/PHP for database-driven content
Platforms Windows
Languages C/C++

iPhone Products

Grocophile app icon

Grocophile is our grocery shopping list application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


EV Logger app icon

EV Logger is an iPhone application for tracking use and energy for electric vehicles.


FRC Tracker app icon

FRC Tracker is a free iPhone/iPod Touch application for following the FIRST® Robotics Competition.



In 2007, we created MatchMaker, a tool to generate FIRST Robotics competition match schedules that gives each team the opportunity to see as many different partner and opponent teams on the field as possible. FIRST Robotics has been using MatchMaker for the FIRST Robotics Competition since the 2008 season and for FIRST Tech Challenge since 2009. For more information, see the MatchMaker home page.


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