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December 2021 Puzzled Pint
Gilligan's Island

This is the set that Cathy and Tom created for the Puzzled Pint event on December 14, 2021. Its theme was inspired by Gilligan's Island – where the Howells always celebrate December 14 since it comes just once a year – but you don't need to be familiar with the show to solve the puzzles.

The set begins with a location puzzle. Puzzled Pint events are held at "secret" locations, and teams need to solve the location puzzle to find out where the event will be each month. The puzzle answer is essentially a passcode for showing the event details.

Cathy and Tom as
Mary Ann and Gilligan

There are nine puzzles in this set:

  • Location puzzle (The Howells)
  • Four main puzzles (Ginger, Mary Ann, Professor, Skipper)
  • Meta puzzle (Gilligan), which uses the answers from the five puzzles above
  • Two bonus puzzles (The Minnow, Visitors)
  • Meta-meta for the Puzzled Pint year (The Radio) – this uses answers from all twelve months (and provides the answers from January through November). Thanks to Joey Marianer for creating this wonderfully-thematic puzzle to add to the set!


The puzzles are on letter-size paper, but there is nothing dependent on scale, so resizing to A4 paper will work fine.

Answer Checker

To confirm your answers, visit the Answer Checker page.


If you get stuck on any of the puzzles in this set, you can visit the Hints page for help. It is safe from spoilers; each hint will be shown only when you click to reveal it.


The solution files are below, but note that they will of course contain spoilers, so it's better to use the Answer Checker to confirm your answers or the Hints page to help you solve.

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