Introduction to Programming in C

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Basic Output
Example 1
More on Conditionals
Further Exploration
Algorithm Design
10 Arrays


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1 Introduction Objectives, definitions, tool suggestions
2 Basic Output Simple first program, output (printf)
3 Variables and Calculation Variables (declaration, assignment, output), math operations
4 Conditionals Comments, if statements, else statements, Boolean expressions, input (scanf)
5 Loops while loops
6 Example 1 #define, calculations, floating point numbers (double), number formatting
7 More on Conditionals else if, AND (&&) and OR (||), negating conditionals, switch statements
8 Further Exploration modulo operator (%), += etc, ++, --, char type, for loops, do...while loops
9 Algorithm Design design techniques, project ideas
10 Arrays arrays (lists)
  Base Conversion (PDF) base 2 (binary), 10 (decimal), and 16 (hexadecimal), and conversion between them
  Memory and Pointers (PDF) memory usage, pointers [uses C++ examples; will be updated with C examples later]
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