Sample Code for the
Pololu Orangutan

Last Updated June 30, 2006

The following sample code is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

This sample code (26k ZIP, updated 6-30-06) is designed to work on Pololu's Orangutan Robot Controller, running an Atmel ATmega8 AVR microcontroller at 8 MHz. There are examples for using the LED, buttons, buzzer, LCD, potentiometer (analog input), EEPROM, timer, and motor outputs.

The code uses C++ classes. If you have ever forgotten to set the direction register for an output, or neglected to call a setup function to initialize a counter, you'll appreciate that the class constructors automatically take care of all the setup required for each object.

Some tips for using the code...

  • Look at the code in main.cpp for examples of how to use the features of the Orangutan (LCD, buttons, LED, etc).
  • Look at the code in the .h files to see what each object can do. You shouldn't need to modify the .h or .cpp files.
  • Read the comment at the beginning of "makefile" to see what commands you can specify.
  • Use the "make setfuse" command to ensure that your microcontroller's fuse bits are set for the sample code (e.g. 8 MHz processor speed). You only need to do this once; the fuse bits are persistent.
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