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January 2016 Puzzled Pint
Crime Scene

These are the puzzles that we (Cathy and Tom) created for the Puzzled Pint event in January, 2016. Its theme is that solvers are exploring a crime scene.

The set begins with a location puzzle. Puzzled Pint events are held at "secret" locations, and teams need to solve the location puzzle to find out where the event will be each month. The puzzle answer is essentially a passcode for showing the event details.

There are five puzzles for teams to solve at the event: four main puzzles and a "meta" puzzle. The meta puzzle uses the answers from the four main puzzles to reveal a final answer. Most teams took between 1.5 and 3 hours to solve these five puzzles.

There are also two bonus puzzles; they were available for teams to solve before or after the timed puzzles.


Main Set

Notes for printing:
• Do not print with a "scale to fit" option.
• The answer sheet page contains two (identical) copies of a half-sheet page.

The puzzles are available on letter- or A4-size paper. Also, there is a minor change to one puzzle to make it better for solvers outside the U.S. Choose the appropriate version of the files for your location:

Bonus Puzzles

There is frequently a bonus puzzle at Puzzled Pint; it is commonly referred to as an "appetizer" or "dessert" puzzle since teams work them before or after the main set. This month, we created two bonus puzzles, so teams could have both appetizer and dessert puzzles! The appetizer shares the month's theme, but it isn't required in order to work the main set. The dessert puzzle has its own theme.


If you get stuck on any of the puzzles in this set, you can visit the Hints Page for help. It is safe from spoilers; each hint will be shown only when you click to reveal it.


The solutions will of course contain spoilers, so it's better to use the Hints Page to help you solve.

Main set

Bonus puzzles

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