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MatchMaker program by Tom & Cathy Saxton
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The program is a console application, it has no graphical user interface. You just run it from the command line (Terminal on Mac OS X or the Command Prompt on Windows). To download, just right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac OS X) on the appropriate link, then choose the appropriate "Download" sort of item from the pop-up menu.

We also include a second program, MatchRater that will analyze a schedule and give the same stats given in MatchMaker.

These programs are available for evaluation purposes only. For licensing, contact us at [info].

Version 1.3.3 has improved support for small tournaments. Tournaments with small numbers of teams are allowed, as low as just enough teams for one match. The minimum match separation is no longer artificially limited. Breaks can be scheduled so teams can play back-to-back matches across breaks. A new option is added to minimize alliance swaps instead of balancing alliance appearances. This makes it possible to create schedules for 12-team FRC or 8-team FTC tournaments using breaks between rounds to get a schedule with excellent mixing of partners and opponents.

Visit the white paper to learn more.

Revision History

Date Version Comments
03/15/2007 Beta 1 Initial public beta.
03/15/2007 Beta 1.1 Changes to help screen and status update.
04/08/2007 Beta 4 Support for actual team numbers and 2 v. 2 tournaments.
09/15/2007 Beta 6 MatchRater, 10x performance improvement, red/blue alliance balancing
10/09/2007 Version 1.0 Release version.
01/11/2008 Version 1.0.2b1 Add surrogate scheduling option.
06/07/2008 Version 1.0.3b1 Beta Release: Improve algorithm to reduce clumping.
12/31/2008 Version 1.0.3 Improve algorithm to reduce clumping.
05/21/2009 Version 1.0.5 Fix issue with reading 2x2 schedules.
02/01/2017 Version 1.2.2 Add station position balancing.
07/10/2017 Version 1.2.3 Support up to 200 teams.
10/15/2018 Version 1.2.4 Add builds for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and Intel NUC NUC7CJYH Ubuntu.
12/04/2018 Version 1.2.5 Fixes a bug with the Mac build that causes the same input to always produce the same schedule.
09/25/2020 Version 1.3.3 Improved support for small tournaments.

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