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MatchMaker program by Tom & Cathy Saxton
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The program is a console application, it has no graphical UI you just run it from the command line (Terminal on Mac OS X or the Command Prompt on Windows). To download, just right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac OS X) on the appropriate link, then choose the appropriate "Download" sort of item from the pop-up menu.

We also include a second program, MatchRater that will analyze a schedule and give the same stats given in MatchMaker.

These programs are available for evaluation purposes only. For licensing, contact us at [info].

Version 1.2.3 supports events with up to 200 teams. Previously, the limit was 150.

Visit the white paper to learn more.

Revision History

Date Version Comments
03/15/2007 Beta 1 Initial public beta.
03/15/2007 Beta 1.1 Changes to help screen and status update.
04/08/2007 Beta 4 Support for actual team numbers and 2 v. 2 tournaments.
09/15/2007 Beta 6 MatchRater, 10x performance improvement, red/blue alliance balancing
10/09/2007 Version 1.0 Release version.
01/11/2008 Version 1.0.2b1 Add surrogate scheduling option.
06/07/2008 Version 1.0.3b1 Beta Release: Improve algorithm to reduce clumping.
12/31/2008 Version 1.0.3 Release: Improve algorithm to reduce clumping.
05/21/2009 Version 1.0.5 Release: Fix issue with reading 2x2 schedules.
02/01/2017 Version 1.2.2 Release: Add station position balancing.
07/10/2017 Version 1.2.3 Release: Support up to 200 teams.

© 2007-2017, Idle Loop Software Design, LLC

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