Tesla Roadser Mods

Tesla Tattler 2008 Roadster Install

From the index page, click on a photo to get a larger version with comments below the photo. I'm posting this to help other owners who may wish to attempt the same install, but it's a non-trivial task with some risk of breaking things you probably don't want to break. Proceed at your own risk. I assume no reposibility for the quality of my instructions or anything that goes wrong in an attempt to repeat my procedure.

Next, remove the piece that goes under the steering column. Find and remove all of the screws (6 on our 2008 Roadster). Pop that lower piece off, and unplug the connector that goes to the odometer/trip select button. Then remove the smaller piece directly above the steering column. Finally, pop the speedometer cowl piece out. There are four of the clips like on the side piece. On our Roadster, only two of the four posts had clips. It was still difficult to get them to release. Be careful not to break the posts, or yank out the cable that leads to the gizmo mounted inside the cowl when the clips do finally release.
Tom Saxton