Early Tesla Owners Map

This map was created by Tom and Cathy Saxton in May, 2007, as a way for Roadster reservation holders to anonymously share their location information. In its first incarnation, Tesla Motors provided us with the zipcode of every Roadster reservation holder. Later we and Tesla decided that presented a possible privacy issue, even though the locations were only by zipcode. So, we switched to a voluntary system where owners contributed their information, which allowed us to collect more data from those owners to wanted to share.

We continued to collect data from Roadster, and then Model S and Model X, reservation holders and owners through 2013.

This map is preserved as-is for historical value.

Disclaimer: This site is not an official Tesla Motors site; its information is provided by owners on a voluntary basis, and the content has not been verified by Tesla Motors.

The map shows the number of owners in each state and, when zoomed in, flags at each owner ZIP code. (Note that the flag will be at the location of the ZIP code; actual owner location may vary by several miles.)

Map of Early Tesla Roadster Owner Locations

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Tesla owners who would like to contribute their experience to the community are encouraged to participate in the corresponding survey conducted by Tom Saxton and hosted by Plug In America.