Cathy and I replaced the JVC radio with an Alpine unit we really like. I worked on it pretty steadily for three days, although some of that was making runs for tools and cables. In addition, Cathy put in a good chunk of time helping me with some of the trickier parts and doing most of the actual install, including soldering the new cable harness.

It would take a lot less time to do it knowing what we learned, so we decided to share with the community and created three photo galleries documenting our process.

The first gallery shows how to remove the JVC head unit from a 2008 Roadster. There is one Roadster-specific trick and a number of details that aren't described in the terse installation manual. This may be useful to anyone who needs to remove the JVC either for service or replacement.

The second gallery shows the steps required to replace the iPod cable. The JVC cable is hardwired into the JVC's iPod support module, so you can't reuse it for another unit. Replacing the cable requires removing the left console assembly with the touchscreen and various controls, the driver's seat, the entire center console assembly, and the driver side carpet. It was quite an adventure!

Finally, Cathy built a cable to convert the unidentifiable connector that Tesla uses to a standard connector that can be readily purchased. This technique could be useful to owners who want to replace the existing head unit and allow for easy replacements with newer units in the future.

Everything is put back together, the new radio is installed, and everything is working properly.